The Windows calculator gets a graphical way


When Microsoft recently released the source code of the Windows calculator, we have already received the first positive results of this decision. As the first new function to be added to the calculator, "graphic mode". This method will allow users to creating a graph based on mathematical equations, in a similar way, as is possible in Matlab.

This feature was proposed by Microsoft engineer Dave Grookie, who works on developing a Windows calculator. In his proposal, which he made at GitHub, he stated that he will graphic mode helps students to easily master the algebra. By adding a graphic way, he hopes that this area of ​​mathematics will become clearer to students around the world. Instead of using graphs, some commercial mathematical tools are used and they will be available free of charge using a Windows calculator.

Although Gročoki is officially referred to as the person in charge of this request, it merely articulates the requirements of a large number of Windows calculators that most often search for these functions in a Microsoft Hubbar calculator.

It still does not know exactly when the graphic mode will be accessible to users, since it is currently labeled "pre-production" in GitHub.

Source: ZDNet


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