Subotic's uncle spoke and shocked the news of his daughter-in-law Magdalena! It's in fear …



04/13/2019. 07:04

Everything's happening …

Aleksandra Subotić, Srboljub Subotić

Aleksandra Subotić, Srboljub Subotić, Photo: Printscreen

Srboljub Subotić, brother of the participants of the cooperative 2 Karađorđa Subotić and his uncle Aleksandra Subotić, reveals the intentions of Alexander Chabarkapa and how she wants to damage her nephew. He does not hide that he is afraid of his own, but also for the safety of the whole family.

– Chabarkapa Alexandria will take away the child from a clean puck! I know him well, and it only hears the plan to revenge her. He knows that Magdalen is her weak point and that it hits. Alexander will report to the social service and will try to take her daughter. She did not want to listen to me when I told her that she was not playing with him – says an agitated Serbwoman for "Serbian Telegraph".

– Alexander is fast and does everything himself. You should consider what could have caused her return to the rial. I have repeatedly told her that his name is not mentioned in "Co-operative 2", but she takes care of her and knows that she can not mention his name. Now he sows through his baby, "says Uncle Alexandrin, explaining where her daughter is now.

Aleksandar Čabarkapa

Alexander Chabarkapa, Photo: Alo! / Vladimir Markovic

– Magdalena is currently in Novi Sad, a friend of Alexandra's friend from Boleč. There, because David's mother Biljana enrolled her in kindergarten. Does he still see a little, I have no idea, I can not hear it long ago. In any case, I do not like the fact that Aleksandra would easily give her child a safe place. It would be better if she were with us, but I do not ask anything here, "concluded Subotic.

Due to the recall, Srboljub recently stated that he lives in fear of Cabarkapo, who allegedly tried to burn a tractor owned by his brother on a horse and a stand. He states that this is not the first time that Alexandrin works what comes to mind. Srboljub said that he had reported everything to the police and that he only blamed his brother Alexander for the behavior of Čabarkapin.


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