Sony 16K screen 19 x 5 meters Japan Shiseido


The participation of cosmetics and television companies in Japan has led to the first 16K screen on the planet.

Sony 16K screen 19 x 5 meters Japan Shiseido
Photo: MONDO portal / Sony

Authorization of a Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido, decided to hide the halls of its Yokohama Research Center with a high-resolution display. But not with any screen, of course …

The deal was concluded by Sony (and others), whose engineers assembled a "television" (19.2 × 5.4 meters), which occupied two floors. The resolution of 16K is so large that there is no blur in the vicinity, so the look is probably part of the quasi virtual reality.

A similar feat was performed at the airport in Tokyo five years ago, but the visible edges of many screens were noticeable, so the display did not work as a whole. It was used in construction Crystal LED technology, which is Sony's name for micro LED (each pixel is assigned a microscopic diode), with which Samsung is experimenting.

It does not need backlighting, it is lighter than OLED and provides a similar black depth (even for too many formats that are too expensive). We are still far from a smaller standard, so we can assume that the decade will expire until 16K becomes commercial.

In terms of content, a deliberately filmed film about the animal world, which is in its natural size, is shown. It is not known how this was done, but the image of 8K was probably the so-called. scaling method, to me SK, where a special algorithm "predicts" what additional pixels should be displayed. Similar treatment has 4K television, when it broadcasts 1080p content.

If so, we want to see this screen Shiseido Anđ from the best days – now!


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