Tuesday , October 26 2021

Novi Pazar withdrew from the Serbian Super League!


The Novi Pazar handball club withdrew from the Arcus Serbia league, which was unanimously decided by the board of directors of this elite league


The board of directors of Novi Pazar has decided to withdraw the club from the Arcus league! Due to insulting banners and insults on a national basis from the stands, Novi Pazar reacted immediately after the match in Sunday’s match against Zvezda in Belgrade. Husein Memić resigned from the board of directors of the Arkus League, and the club announced its resignation.

At the extraordinary meeting of the management of Novi Pazar, the proposal of the club’s management was unanimously accepted. We will forward the decision in writing to the management of the Arcus League today“, Said the secretary of the Novi Pazar Handball Club Demir Crnovršanin.

Pazarci announced their withdrawal from the Arcus league three days ago due to the events in the match against Crvena zvezda in Belgrade, when the fans of the home team insulted them on a national basis.

Unfortunately, we put an end to this. This is the right decision in the long run. Not to repeat now what happened. Because others do not want to solve the problem, we do not want to put Novi Pazar, Sandzak and Bosniaks in an awkward position. We want the things we see in Belgrade never to happen again. Many will regret it, this is a 55-year history, but we do not want to expose people to such an atmosphere“Said Husein Memić, a member of the Novi Pazar Management Board.

He said that many events at the handball match in Belgrade were compared to cheering for the “yellow house” at a football match nine years ago in Novi Pazar.

We condemned this act and I will say that 25 fans from Novi Pazar were arrested at that time, 13 were released and 12 were persecuted. Some were in prison for six months. Let’s see if all the Star fans who nationalistically insulted my people, as well as those who wrote and insulted the insulting flag, will now be arrested“Memic added.

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