Miljana and Jelena Golubović had an unwanted conversation when Kulič's full bottle hit her head in the head, which lost her balance and fell back from her bed.

Co-ordinators and security guards tried to prevent a conflict from occurring, but Miljan's inalienable way was to harm Golubovic.

The shops were reared, Lepa Mica led Marija and Adam Golubovich.

After this, Jelena became ill and helped by Zorica Mraković, and then explained to other members:

"Yes, it fell when it was a candle, because, when it hit, it fell over that second second."

The co-worker felt very bad, so she left the property, and the help was provided by Marko Miljković and Bane Čolak.

"Let God return the worms," ​​she called Maria Goličović from the background.