Monday , March 8 2021

Joki fell 18 for a quarter and stopped, he could not stop Davis

Nikola Joki was a step away from the three-day last night, and Denver Nagetsi lost New Orleans Pelican 125: 115.

AKSource: B92 USA

Photo: Getty pictures

Photo: Getty pictures

The Serbian basketball player scored 25 points (10/20 matches, 2/8 three times), 18 eight in the first quarter, ten jumps and eight assistants.

However, Anthony Davis could not stop, reaching 40 points (10/20, 20/21 free) with eight jumps and a break.

"It was easy to stop, it's a great game. We did not do well tonight"he said Joki.

Jokia was best followed by Gerry Heris with 24 points, while Huano Ernangomes added 20 with 11 fractured spheres.

Two-way leadership had Monte Moris with 13 points and five assistants, Damal Marey with 11 points and a stunning score.

Davis had the greatest support with Dulius Rendel with 21 points and ten jumps, and Nikoli Mirotiu with 20 points and ten battered balls.

There were many differences in the number of free throws of two teams, while Pelikans 31/34 and Nagetsi scored 8/13.

Pelicans were fifth in the last six matches, and currently at 9-7, while Nagetsi 10-6.

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