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How to choose a real probiotic and prevent the side effects of antibiotics Telegraf


Now, in these cold winter days, we feel how we like the warmth of the coats, hats, scarf … Tumble in our warm homes, minus and snow, we came only if we properly soak and dress. Clothes that provide us with a pleasing protection are the way we can survive an attack on our body, i.e. kill the impact of adverse weather conditions: low temperatures, wind and snow

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Changing time brings about respiratory infection, which our doctors often call an antibiotic. We all know that diarrhea occurs in every third patient using antibiotics. Under normal conditions in good bacteria in our gut, weak bacteria are under control, which are under constant control. However, with their action, antibiotics reduce this balance, in addition to those of poor and good probiotic bacteria. This allows the possible causes of the disease to develop and cause problems. That's why Probiotics are always recommended for each antibiotic.

There are about 100 different pharmacies in our pharmacies probiotic preparations, but sometimes it's difficult to decide which one to choose. But when you decide probiotic with antibiotics, you need to know that it is Bulardi is the first recommendation of a gastroenterologist. As a probiotic fungus, Bulardi is completely resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it is only possible to use concomitantly with all antibiotics.

Only one Bulardi the cell is 10 times larger than the cell of some other bacterial probiotics, so it eliminates bad bacteria and their toxins from the gut faster, better and safer.

We have learned that bacteria and fungi are living organisms, but this is often forgotten. If we must additionally be dressed and protected in bad weather, it is also true of probiotic cultures. Especially sensitive to temperature, humidity and light. Most of them are anaerobic, which means they also feel oxygen from the air. If probiotics are not produced, packaged and stored in an appropriate manner, this significantly affects their effectiveness and safety.

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Therefore, when buying one probiotic It's not enough in the pharmacy to take care of the reported number of cells on the box, but also on the package itself. If we need coat, scarf and boots, special protection of living microorganisms in probiotic preparations is needed.

Company Abela Pharm the only one on our market has a special, innovative package that ensures the stability of the probiotic product. What does that mean? Flow packing technology means packaging in a special bag filled with inert gas. This special package prevents possible oxygen breakage and probiotics provide additional protection against external influences (temperature, humidity and light). Regular health checks and the number of probiotic cells demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of this package.

And so, when you wear these days in your winter coat, go to the pharmacy to buy Bulardi, we have ensured not only the most optimal probiotic with antibiotics, we have already provided ourselves and their loved ones with a quality, efficient and safe product, in which probiotics are fully protected as performance carriers. Just like in the best winter jacket.

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