HOW STAR ZVEZD: Dad heard on the stands when they cursed my mother Football


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November 19, 2018 14:08 |

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I understand that Klop's decision not to lead me to Belgrade, I wanted to avoid unnecessary tension, but I regret that I could not help the team – says Đerdan

The Swiss representative, Đerdan Šaćiri, talked about local media about topics that are least related to the field itself. One was with Red Star, and the other with Gary Neville, who was not too excited about his games.

"My father was on the" Enfield ", and we heard that they were cursing their mother," said Shaqiri.

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In order not to risk and create additional problems for his team, Jirgen Klop decided to leave the football team from Gnjilane to Liverpool.

– On one side, I understand this lesson, I wanted to avoid unnecessary tension. But, on the other hand, I'm sorry that I was not in Belgrade to help the team.

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When it comes to the negative comments of the former Manchester United player:

– I do not care what Neville said, even now, when you play well. I would not go with him to coffee. Many have said from the outset that Liverpool is too much for me and that I will not be able to solve it. I stay calm and show what I understand, "concluded Shaqiri.


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