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The most common cause of this disease is stress and, in addition, an irregular diet.

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It's diabetic a chronic disease that occurs if the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or if the body can not use insulin produced in the right way – a hormone that allows cells to take glucose from the blood and turn it into energy.

Diabetes is a disease that young people and old people suffer. The most common cause is stress and, in addition, an irregular diet.

Even if you have diabetes, you need to know that you can You live normally if you regularly drink the medicine prescribed for you. Eat regularly but do not skip meals.

Of course it is not worth taking medicine unless you are treated.

However, there are natural remedies that can be tried. This drink works preventively, but has also proved to be good for people who already have diabetes.


hand kel
5 Kiwi
1 banana
1 apples


Insert all ingredients with half a liter of water into the mixer.


Drink one glass in the morning, before breakfast and the rest during the day.

Diabetes is a chronic disease, so naturally try it with a natural medicine.

The root of the cucumber can be found fresh or dried, and before consumption, it is recommended to cook it and mix it with some vegetables. Avoid the roots of a chicken that has lost its natural color.

The root can be used to remove toxins from the blood.

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