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Numerous studies have shown that chronic inflammation in the body is the cause of many chronic diseases and health problems. While some foods, such as ginger, coconut oil or turmeric, are a natural "superfood" that combats inflammation in the body, other foods are precisely the triggers of inflammation.

To avoid inflammation in the body, you should avoid the following foods.

Slaughtered drinks

The study has shown that people who drink more than one sweetened beverage daily have a 63 percent higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune inflammatory disease.

Also, another study has shown that people who drink more than one sweetened drink daily have a 26 percent higher risk of type 2 diabetes, compared to those who drink one such beverage per month.

Processed meat

These foods are mostly very tasty, but not very healthy. The research showed that diet rich in meat treated increases the risk of colon cancer, and one of the reasons for this is increased inflammation in the body.

Frequent consumption of processed meat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Refined carbohydrates

High intake of refined carbohydrates – white bread, pasta and rice reduces the body's ability to fight inflammation and increases the risk of developing insulin resistance, a condition that can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Experts point out that this does not apply to whole grains, which should be part of a healthy diet.


Excessive alcohol consumption, in which any quantity of a cup of water is asleep, can also cause chronic inflammation in the body.

Studies have shown that people who drink more than three glasses of alcohol daily have higher markers of inflammation in the body, compared to those who consume alcohol a day.

Also, chronic alcohol consumption is associated with various types of cancer, including liver, colon, and breast cancer.


The study of serotonin in 2016 showed that sugar intake has to do with the development of breast cancer, and experts believe that this has to do with the fact that excessive intake of sugar causes chronic inflammation in the body. This study was conducted in mice and it was found that in mice given a lot of sugar there was increased tumor growth and metastases compared to those who did not give sugar.

Of course, none of this does not mean that you should not even approach a sausage or some cake, for example, but if these foods, if they are constantly consumed, can lead to inflammation in the body.


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