FINAL: Future – Partizan 75:71 | Basketball


20:22 –

Black and white missed the first attack in the fourth division, Barovic points to the racket and Lendale returns Partizan from the penalty line to two points behind – 56:54, 32 minutes. Marinković missed the turn, Erl Clark corrected the error at 58:54 in 33 minutes. In the autumn the triangles demanded time, Jankovic had to leave the parquet floor beforehand because of the hailstorms. Gordic says a breakthrough after Paige's error in three. Zagorac concerns an important troika for guests – 60:57, 34 minutes. After an attack, Nikolic gets points for the future.

After Paige's penis, Erl Clark scored points with an error, a shot and an extra shot. Zagorac is wrongly getting out of the car, Nikolic has won the cup for 58:59, Zagorac returns – 68:62, 36 minutes. Janković returned to the parquet floor. Danilo Nikolic makes an indisputable offense in the attack on Aleksej Nikolic. Partizan gets one of two targets from the criminal shooting. Nikolić's ball comes in three-point basket – 68:63, 37 minutes.

Danilo Nikolić is half the screen. After the break, Arbiters missed the opportunity to break the Siamese game, instead they made the home team a goalkeeper, who won eight of the points – 71:63 – 38 minutes after Jackson's position. Landale scored points after an offensive move. Marinkovic guards his first three in 39 minutes, Ivanovic returns with the same score – 74:68, 39th minute. Black and white lost the ball after avoiding Lendala, Erl Clark with a half-penalty kick brought the Future to victory – 75:68, 55 seconds before the end. Marinković is half of the free-throw line. The final result of the game is 75:71.

20:02 –
Third quarter

Omic is half way from the penalty line, Gagic with four points and Si in the opposite return Partizan to a one-time delay at the opening of the second half – 41:36, 14 minutes. Gordic (troika) and Jackson (with poludistance) return the future to plus 10. Jankovich hits the troika, Clark returns in the same way – 49:39, 16 minutes. Jankovic is in the series of five consecutive points (triple and basketball with half-board) – 49:44, 17 minutes. Barović interrupts a mini-series of guests from the free-throw line (2/2).

Nikolić hits the troika over Zagorac and returns home with a two-point lead 54:44, 29 minutes. Paige returns to the troika after Trinkery. Black and white defended the attack, Paige again reached three – 54:50. Marinković is at the end of the third period half-time – 54:52.

19:26 –

Jankovic, after two false attacks on both sides, reached the first point of the match 26:18, 13 minutes. Nikolic and Ivanovic preserve the future in a two-digit plus on the other side – 30:20, 15 minutes. Gagič from penalty (2/4) and Marinković with penetration points, bring Partizan to minus four (30:26, 16 minutes). Mini series of guests 6: 0 points from the stand, broken by Clark. After an aggressive move, Zagorac scored points, Jackson hit two more goals again – 34:28, 18 minutes.

Gagic brings points from racket to black and white to minus four. The guests had two more attacks in order to further reduce backlogs, but Marinković (for three) missed and Gagić (with poludistance), who punished Barovič with points from the racket – 36:30. The triangles search for the time 58 seconds before the end of the half. Nikolic for three, Barović is half of the penal line. Miss for three and Gordic with more than half the field gives the basket from the table for a two-point advantage of the home team at the end of the first half – 40:30.

19:12 –

The Partisan match starts with Peter Paige, Marinkovic, Si, Jankovic and Gagic. Janković's trio brings black and white to its initial advantage. The scaffold from the penalty line reached the first points for the home team. After the penis Paige, Šehović's trio brought the first equalization. Vračaš trio 8: 5, 3 minutes. Home series 9: 0 go to plus six, Trinkjeri looking for a period of time. Zagorac plays a protective mask in the game.

Jankovic interrupted the Buducnost series after an aggressive leap. Erl Clark keeps points from punishment to Podgorica on plus six – 18:12, 8 minutes. Clark reached his sixth point in the current round of the match, as he has so far been the biggest plus of eight 20:12. Crnogorac with those points from the penal line (Jackson 2/2, Barović 1/2) is approaching the two-month plush 23:14, 9 minutes.

Black and white are in an offensive crisis (Janković's steps, Zagorac's wrong account), Clark tripled the host error for 26:14 at the end of the first quarter, ending with a two-way lead host – 26:16 after Nikolić came into the game.


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