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Fast trails are progressing and trains go 50 per hour


Belgrade – 402.5 kilometers of railways are currently being modernized and modernized in Serbia.

Source: Večernje novosti, Sandra Bulatović

Photo: / Toskanalnc

Photo: / Toskanalnc

It is 143.5 kilometers in length and 259 kilometers in regional railways.

While waiting on trains that will travel up to 200 kilometers in one hour, loyal railway passengers today jump at some speeds and 20 times less speed, writes Novosti.

For example, from Sremska Mitrovica to the Kukuvci, although it is only 23 km away, it is at least 49 minutes according to the order of the drive. Passengers from Vrbas to Sombor also have a speed of just over 30 kilometers per hour. Who starts from Nis to Brestovac is an average of 40 kilometers per hour.

However, the fastest railway track, once completed, will unite the capital with Budapest. I can not fly from Belgrade to Novi Sad for passenger passes right now. Due to the reconstruction, the route from Niš to Zaječar was closed. "Serbia Train" is why this year accounts for at least 13% less passengers.

In the first six months of this year, "Serbia Train" carried 2.03 million passengers.

The total length of the railways in Serbia is 3,735 kilometers. In the last four years, 14 percent of the overall length has been reconstructed, which is an eleven percent renewal, which means that within a five-year period, they could get a quarter of the reconstructed tires.

Currently, in some regional directions, trains still can not drive faster than 10 to 50 kilometers per hour, writes "Novosti".

"When 750 kilometers of regional railways are completed by the end of the next year, they will be able to carry trains at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, with a significant increase in the load on the axle," provide railway infrastructure.

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