Especially sunny and warm – JMU Radio-Television of Vojvodina


In the Timok landscape, they are cloudy, dark, cooler, occasionally with little precipitation. The wind zone is weak and moderate, in the Ksavu region and strongly, in the south-east, in the south of Banat and in the lower Danube with tense storms, announced the National Hydrometeorological Institute.

sun, sunshine

Morning temperature from 0 to 8 ° C, in the base range around 12 ° C, the highest daily is from 16 to 20 ° C, in the Timocka krajina about 12 ° C.

In Novi Sad it will be mostly sunny, warm and windy. The wind is moderate and strong, the south-east. Morning temperature around 11 ° C, maximum daily around 20 ° C.

The outlook for the next seven days – until November 13: in most days dry and warm. On Wednesdays in the pool, windy with strong, in southern Banat and the lower Danube, occasionally stormy southeastern winds. The Timok landscape is mostly cloudy and somewhat colder, occasionally with a slight push of rain.

On Thursday in the western and southwestern regions, moderate accent and fridging in the central and eastern part with low precipitation.

The maximum temperature in most places is from 16 to 20 ° C, for a weekend in a small drop.


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