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November 14, 2018 22:55 |

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The assessment of Veljko Raznatovic and Bogdan Rodic brought great public attention to the public. According to Serbian customs, the next wife in the family with her family in her home in Tutin moved

STORY of Veljko Raznatovic and Bogdan Rodic provoked great attention of the local public. According to Serbian customs, a future groom visited her at a home in Tutin on Monday evening.

Folk star Ceca Raznatovic published a short video about Instagram about her son's faith, the moment Veljko kneeled before his future wife, asked if he wanted to marry him, and when Bogdana said yes, he gave a more expensive diamond ring on the hand.

After that, he was a kiss of love, applause and greeting. Bogdana also received a precious gift, an hour with diamonds that left Veljko's fiancé from the future mother-in-law Cece, who did not hide happiness and pride over the faith of her son.

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– My giants, happily, drive a folk star with a clip on the social network.
Bogdan's parents are delighted, mother Danijela said that socializing is in a great atmosphere and that the most important thing is that children love themselves. Congratulations on Veljko's faith, also from Ceca's colleagues and friends from the public scene. Lidija Vukićević, Snežana Đurišić, Isidora Bjelica, Marina Višković, Marina Tadić wanted the best future children.

Even before Veljko's face, the media speculated that the son of the greatest Serbian folk star and Bogdan would be married in June next year. There is no doubt that their marriage will speak for a long time.


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