Dara Bubamara: Karleusa and I have a top duo, Maja Berovic is a wonderful girl |


Singer Dara Bubamara Last week filled the columns for news All inclusive, but we are also arguing Vlad Georgiev, with which she once co-operated.

In a big interview for The Council, Bubamara showed the moment she was born division between her and the government and what is the reason for his frequent attacks.

"Vlado was a worker in the Mark Kong studio when I allowed him to make me a poem. Later, along with these songs I got stuck and in the show of the TLZP I had the view that I was a great Vlado and gave me some strange remarks. I drop on the floor and say, "Brother, do you remember when you did my song when I let you go?" Since then, hostility has begun on his side. I just do not know where his boldness is to comment on a woman like me, because I'm doing so much on my career, in Trend No. 1 … Vlado is a classic loser and drunk, I do not know when he scored, I will take him as his dissatisfaction with my life and the need to attract me because I I just do not know where the courage of this alcohol can take me into my mouth, " Bubamara is sincere, who is currently preparing a new album and will listen to one song with a voice – Jelena Karleusa.

"I have a low energy and I will not stop. I publish new images, poems and duets with Karleus says and explains: "Only when I say that we are in the duet – it's already a boom, but we are imagining a city! Everyone will fall out of jealousy. We have a good song, and this will be an unusually good place."

The concert also supported Bubamara Maja Berović in the arena. Although she did not appear, her colleagues congratulated her on her success.

"Maya is a wonderful girl and I supported her because we are also. When I needed a concert at Arena, she moved her." She said to me, "Come on, darling, you are doing it now, I will not, I will see that I'm somewhere in October. "Mom is a really correct girl and, unlike other singers, me respects Maya. She made some progress for a short time and she seems to be working on her and her appearance. I'm guilty that I'm not in a concert, but I was in Kosovo , I worked all weekends, " Dara said, on the other hand, there are no nice words for Majina's colleagues, Bubu Corelli i Brother Jal.

"Bored all these more bugs, dear, you would not talk much about them, they are not important," It's short Bubamara.


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