Crude food has won VIDEO for prostate cancer


Vladi Roksandiu, 63, nine years ago discovered by accident that he had prostate cancer. He did not want surgery, he started with raw food. After eight months and a half, control showed no tumor.

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Picture / photo: Depositphoto / sumners

Picture / photo: Depositphoto / sumners

I accidentally discovered the disease. I did not have any symptoms. Once, after some effort on football, I felt pain in quiet mice. erka called the ambulance, examined me, performed the ultrasound, and the doctor concluded that I have adenoma of the prostate and that I have to examine it inside. I did a biopsy, a sample sample, and the result showed that everything was malignant Roksandi guest in the show TV Prve, "On the first place".

Doctors suggested surgery. It happened that he spontaneously entered with a acquaintance who suggested her herbal diet as a solution to the problem.

I started to walk out with embryos, hops, seeds, calls, fruit fruits, mushrooms and honey. One day I came from work, I felt that I had a temperature, I was shaking, I dirty with five ebadi. one wanted to call the ambulance. I thought I was dying. I drowned in a dream. When I woke up, I did not realize where I was going with me. I went under those ebadi and went to the bathroom, stretched out, and since then I have not cooled, I'm not afraid of a cold, nor do I run away from cold people, said Roksandi.

During the first three months, there was no control because it was a failure. When he left, the results were poor, but he did not give up raw food. After six months, with another control, the tumor was three times smaller. After eight months and a half, the review found that the tumor was no longer present, he told his fate Roksandi.


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