CAKIC SURVIVAL WITH A REPEATED MAN AND NOT FROZEN! The singer is disconnected, but everything is forgiven: What if he is married? If his marriage was valid, DO NOT WOMAN WOMEN! SKANDAL! | Stars


Andreana Čekić disagreed with her husband and colleague Ivana Miladinović, so she sang in a romantic with a married man. If this does not get tangled, they also show their common images on Instagram's singer and according to the announcement of the official wife of Marko Milosevic, neighbors who had the best insight into the events in Andrean's apartment reported.

"I saw her many times, but I never came to her, nor did she tell me because we do not know." Andrea lives in this gray building, she's often there, but I follow her work and I love singing, "he said in a passage. A young man returning from a purchase.

"So what if he's married? If his marriage is valid, he will not cheat on this woman." As soon as he and Andrean hide publicly, he means that he will finish what was before her, "said one honest neighbor . , and added that the singer of the new choir had already seen in the end.

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"She is so tall, beautiful, black, very kind to her. He was here this new boy, I saw them together," confessed the confessor from the street.

With who she is, that's her. She's a good guy, she looks great and she sings better. I see him all the time, he drives a black jeep, he's always nice and smiling, polite. I know she has done a lot of plastic surgeries, but nothing is seen on it. It has silicones, nose and lips, all with measures and flavor. It's not like someone else. Andreana is a beautiful and charming, good girlfriend. What is wrong with this? "Said the colleague.

Marco Milosevic's wife, Marina, is still a lawful wife of Andrei's current boyfriend and does not intend to separate, so Andreana will have to satisfy her role of mistress.

"I will never be unbelievable," Milosevic said briefly.

photo: Printscreen / Exklusive TV, Alo / Photo: Dragana Udovičič



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