Buyers of 50 percent of luxury goods in the world by 2025 will be Chinese


It is estimated that Chinese buyers in the global sales of luxury products will achieve a 46% share in just six years, according to estimates after the Bain study for Altagam, an Italian association of luxury products manufacturers.

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Last year, wealthy Chinese citizens had a third in the global purchase of clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

It is estimated that this year's sales of precious goods will increase by 2.0 percent to EUR 260 billion, excluding luxury art, design and decoration.

However, when dealing with luxury services and luxury services, it is expected that the market will increase by 5.0 percent to 1,200 billion euros worldwide.

It is also expected that this year in China will increase the sales of luxury products by 18 percent to 23 billion euros. In Europe and America, the two largest markets for the expensive brand, no changes are expected in the current year due to their strong currencies, and sales will remain at EUR 84 billion and EUR 80 billion.


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