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BETTER GOOD RESOURCES SHOULD LOSE BRAK! Ognjen Amidžić's wife does not hide anything: People and should be separated when they stopped trying to! No one has gone to this! | Stars


Danijela Dimitrovska revealed her appeal on various topics, including divorce, pointing out that it is better to do so than to remain in a community that does not function. Although she does not have to think about this about how marriage with Ognjen Amidžić is still blooming today, it is certain that children are happier only when their parents are happy, even if their divorce brings happiness.

"It's not a phrase, but I really believe that there is a better divorce than a bad marriage. When people stop loving or when they stop having common interests, they should divorce, regardless of whether they have children or not. to be selfish and to justify themselves by staying married only for the sake of their heirs and not to suffer because they are not right and do not bring good to anyone. The children will be happy only when their parents are happy, whether they are together or that they decided to divorce.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

Homosexuals and children

"I would like to see people in our country finally regain their consciousness and that the question of gay couples is no longer a taboo topic. I believe and I believe that everyone has the right to descendants, whether they are straight couples or those of the same sex. , I would definitely allow homosexuals to adopt children, and before that I would legalize gay marriage. "

Lake drugs

"I am absolutely against the legalization of any kind of drugs. It was marijuana or something stronger, because I consider that opiates should be completely eradicated and banned."


"Since the world and the century, women and men are engaged in prostitution, so this is no longer a taboo topic. I do not have a special attitude about the oldest craft, but I believe that prostitution through legalization would manage to control itself, It's hard to know (laughs) today. "


"Abortion is not an easy thing, women should not decide on it so easily, and it's terrible when it's decided that juvenile girls decide it. On the other hand, everyone should have the right to choose and I believe that no woman has just made the decision to Girls should definitely keep an eye on who they go to bed and what they are doing, because, after unwise decisions, the life of a small being depends on them. "


"Definitely, this is the most inhuman act, in my opinion. People decide on such a move out of hell and fear, and in fact they should have a wider picture, and realize that life is one, that we are given to enjoy it and that there is not a strong enough reason for us to deny ourselves. I think that we have to feel like a society, to talk more and more about this topic, and then, I believe, to help all those people who come to that yellow minute. "

photo: Dragan Kadić


"Unfortunately, the word psychiatrist in humans causes some form of repulsion and creates an image that a chika will be waiting for us to wrap a crazy shirt (laughter) after the conversation. Such thoughts are hindered and brought to the situation by certain people who do not see the way out of the current situation. to think of the worst and to take my life away. I believe that the mind should be nourished as well as the body, and therefore I see nothing wrong with going to the psychiatrist. It should be the same as going to a doctor when we are cold, not yes this is a great deal of drama. "

Life after death

"I believe there is something, but I copy all of it to the energy that surrounds us and which is inside us and around us. I've never thought about whether life after death really is real or it's just movie scenes …"


"Very sensitive topic and a very big decision for both sides, both for the sick and for the closest. I'm not sure whether euthanasia should be allowed without talking about it at a serious level."

photo: Dragan Kadić Damir Dervišagić


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