ALEKSA GIVES THE SPIRIT WITH ANA POWER! Beautiful Mica has revealed the latest SECRET in a cooperative! | Showroom


Starlet Ana Korać apparently decided to break the connection with Aleksa Savić. Their attitude is becoming increasingly suspicious.

When he started talking to his colleagues that Aleksi Savić liked Ana Korač, this young singer decided to move away from the launcher. Nevertheless, he added to the relationship of Lepi Mic last night. He found out what Savic was talking to Koracevo.

– Socializing between a man and a woman raises some interest and doubt. Friendship is becoming the greatest love. Ana said, "But she's younger than me, two years old," and said: "My girlfriend is older than me two years ago." That's what he said, "Mica pointed out.

Take a bonus video:

(Espresso / Pink)


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