A day dedicated to premature babies


Small fighters and great heroes and their parents celebrated an important day at the Institute of Neonatology in Belgrade.

Every second child, born with less than 1,500 grams, treatment and daily struggle, continues at the Institute for Neonatology in Belgrade. More than 900 children are worried each year, and currently there are 110 small combatants.

"I must say that she was the smallest baby at the beginning of this year and that she had 350 grams, left home and was doing well, this is our short patient. Medicine is progressing, the institute follows trends, educated staff, doctors and nurses, teamwork leads to wonderful results, "says Katarina Lazić from the Institute of Neonatology.

Vera Bikicki Ivezić from the company "Mali div" says that this year more than 20 cities in Serbia will be bright violet, in the color of premature children, because it is color with light incubators.

Every tenth or eleventh child in the world comes ahead of time, so it's a great entrance to the Institute of Neonatology, and normal socks, as well as small ones, to support small giants and great heroes.


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