Youssou Touré: "If you want to talk to the president, you must see him"


XALIMANEWS: This is Youssou Touré, who is not satisfied with the trust in the magazine Les Échos. According to the speech of this founding member Apr, things do not go between him and his mentor, Macky Sall, who seems to be no longer in contact. "If you want to talk to the president, you have to see," insists Youssou Toure, who continues, that does not mean that this will be downgraded. "When I have to knit, I have to pray to God, but not to a man … A small government, yes, but remember that there were women and men in front of all. Let people understand that if they are in certain stations, it is that they are there were people who have the seeds of this wonderful harvest … Under Wade, they offered me 70 million plus land to join Pds. I refused.


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