"With Kivu, this is the first time I'm talking about something real"


After leaving the entire series that made his fame, the scriptwriter signs the strip "Kivu", which accuses the genocide that is currently being committed in the Congo.

I can not give a word about the reason why I forced me to write this thing. Jean Van Hamme doubts the height of his 79th birthday. The one who signed the scripts of the greatest successes of comics in the last thirty years is trying to explain why he just signed "Kivu", an album that condemned the genocide committed by the ruins in this region of the DR Congo. "This album is almost red," notes the Belgian. He was one of my friends, who was aware of the work of dr. Mukwege in Kivu. But for the first time, I rejected the project. Before I saw it with a fiction, it could finally be useful to get away from deterrence. "

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"Kivu" also tells the economic story of this agricultural landscape, which has an accident that it has large stockpiles of koltan, the ore needed to assemble mobile phones. "The Rwandan genocide," says Van Hamme, "provoked genocide in Kivu. First, they raped and mutilated women to prevent them from working in the field." Then they enslaved men and children by sending them to the mines. the fact that this famous coltan would sell impunity in Rwanda, the first country to execute this material without having it in his own country. Van Hamme, with the help of designer Christophe Simon, signs a punch album that emphasizes the drama that is still playing. "I am using fiction to condemn, and this is the first time I speak of something real. But who is interested in Koltan, except Apple? "The reality, as my friend told me, is" every time I turn on my mobile phone, a kid is raped in Kivu. ""

Jean Van Hamme has been in the comic since 1977.

Jean Van Hamme has been in the comic since 1977. © Claire Delfino / Paris Match

After the "Thorgal", "XIII" lamps passed, then "Largo Winch", Van Hamme, believes that "he is free to have no chain. The series in comics is a form of slavery. We produce, produce, I hope that my story will serve to wake my eyes. Moreover, the scriptwriter welcomes: "Kivu" asked him a month and a half work. "Which is a good sign. When I set up a script for three or four months, there is a problem. "Scroll down to your latest work on" Largo Winch ", in 2015 stopped writing, a little forced and forced after finishing the 20th year of the saga." My relationship with Philippe Francq became terrifying. I have always agreed with my designers that if they fail, the others will continue. Francq, who was not defective, could not agree to it. I rather gave up Laga. Because, for almost 80 years, I want to live happily, I do not want to be in any fight with anyone. "


Modern comics obviously have no imagination. More and more adaptations of novels or biographies. It's a little sad to deny my imagination


In the end, Van Hamme could cross his arm, farewell to his chickens with golden eggs that were "Thorgal" or "XIII" that they were without any restrictions. "My favorite character was Thorgal first, but also Rosinski was not my friend, I was pretty close to his wife. For the" XIII "I scribbled the idea of ​​the book" Memory of the skin, "was the way William Vance works after" Bruno Brazil "Then" XIII "worked and became pure and simple opportunism, and there is no influence on William Vance," We do not have to be friends with our cartoonists, "says Van Hamme. Even if it's better when we laugh …"

"Kivu", ed. Lombard, 14.99 euros. © DR

No, in fact, a person keeps his "one shot" or his own series closed, such as "SOS fortune" or "Barley Masters" who think I've done the best. "Frankly, Van Hamme knows, to control the series "XIII Mystery", just signed the script of the 13th book, "Judith Warner." "XIII" stopped twelve years ago. The public is no longer reminiscent of intrigues, micro-sports, the goals of the stories that are here and The slogan of Dargaud or Lombard's edition also suggests that "modern comics obviously have no imagination. More and more adaptations of novels or biographies. It's a little sad to give up the imagination. So I do not read more comics. I love Ken Follett's historical novels. "


The advantage of having a talent is that it allows me to be a great hard work


In fact, Van Hamme knows him, he is the last of the Mohicans, such an old-fashioned scriptwriter who says truly, which is constantly on the back of his cartoonists, "for, says, my name is sale". A man with 100 million comics shows a complete nonsense when he provokes the reasons for his success. "It's just my talent, the advantage of this is that it does not allow me to be a great solid worker, but I do not intend to stop working. Obviously, I would like to write a master book that you never do. I let it out because I do not feel I do not feel like I'm old, only a little worried me because my wife is older than me, but she always agrees to go on a trip. So what are his drama, his secret mistakes, who lost his mother, when he was only 2 years old? "Frankly," said a former businessman, "I do not think I have any shortcomings. I'm an early bird, I've been a broom sweater for a long time. But I was not for forty years. And it suits me very well. "

"XIII Mystery, volume 13: Judith Warner", ed. Dargaud, 12 euros. © DR

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