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Except for Morocco and Côte d'Ivoire, who will have to pay attention to South Africa (Group D), one and two teams used a draw for the first round of the CAN (June 21) -July 19) on the hats team. Accessible on Friday night in Cairo. This will only remain on the ground.

With 24 teams, including almost everyone who got used to finals, except Togo, Zambia, Gabon or Burkina Faso, some new (Burundi, Mauritania, Madagascar) and ghosts (Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, Kenya) did not have to expect groups to be too harsh for those who are labeled by logic as favorites or big aliens. But in the first round, there will still be some shocks. And again meeting.

A game that can not be omitted: Morocco – Côte d'Ivoire

Oh, wonderful shock! Morocco-Côte d'Ivoire. Both nations have already crossed the first round of CAN 2017 in Gabon (1-0 win in Morocco), then in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. Hervé Renard, the African champion with Elephants in 2015, has calmed down his former team because he he took his trip to Russia with his final success in Abidjan (2: 0), the year after the race in Marrakech (0: 0). Ivorians and Atlas Lions inherited South Africa's best team cap 3, a team that is in the running and can cause many problems to both favorites.

Returning Cameroon

Another great poster will also threaten Cameroon against Ghana, two former winners of the event. Sometimes we forget it because of their absence at the last World Cup, but the inevitable left are actually the title carriers. Last time they faced two semi-finals in CAN CAN 2017. Cameroon kicked out of Ghana for the goals from Ngade-Ngadjui and Bassogog (2: 0). ). A little air of revenge is already accumulating.

Classic: Senegal – Algeria

The third big shock is in group C: Senegal-Algeria. For Senegal, Algeria would almost become a taboo: they have not been defeated in official competition since 2008. We are particularly remembering the success of the 2-0 Algerians on CAN 2015 with Christian Gourcuff. on the bench and decisive shooter Ryad Mahrez. Coup de destin, is the third CAN in a row that Senegal and Algeria are in the same pool. Kenya and Tanzania.

Pressure stroke

The winner of the greatest number of wins (7) is Egypt, which will start its tournament against Zimbabwe. In this group, Mohs Salah and his couples will have the main opponent of the DR Congo, whose coach Florent Ibenge has a sacred pressure on his shoulders. His future at the helm of the Leopard will be guaranteed only with one condition: if he returns to Kinshasa with a cup under his arm. At least without alternatives.

Damn it

In Group B, where two of the three new players appear (Burundi and Madagascar), Nigeria will face an opponent who will not succeed at all: Guinea. In fact, both teams met three times to achieve a balance in favor of the Guineans: two victories and a draw. Nigeria will come to Egypt to find its first victory against the Guineans.


They are for Franz. Alain Giresse, who became coach of Tunisia at the beginning of the year, will be in qualifying for the difficult defeat in this Egyptian CAN Malia, who trained it until August 2017 and in Morocco (0-6). World Championship 2018. In other words, he will meet his opponents perfectly.

Watch out for the best thirds

By reading the composition of the six groups of logic, Egypt, DR Congo, Nigeria, Guinea, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, Tunisia, Mali, Cameroon and Ghana are sent in the 32nd round. A priori, no mainland size should miss a call if it counts the survivors in the first round. With this newly expanded formula, four places will be reserved for choices that have a good idea to be part of the best third. Looking at the results of the qualifications, we could put up a little Egyptian book on Uganda, Mauritania, Benin or South Africa. Go, even Madagascar, because we really want to see Jeremy Morel far in this competition.


GROUP A : Egypt, DR Congo, Uganda, Zimbabwe
GROUP B : Nigeria, Guinea, Madagascar, Burundi
GROUP C : Senegal, Algeria, Kenya, Tanzania
GROUP D : Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa, Namibia
GROUP E : Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, Angola
GROUP F : Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, Guinea-Bissau

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