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Awareness of skin problems: "Mixa, expert of sensitive skin" brings her touch …

Thinking about recurring skin problems and the presentation of a new range of products "Mixa, an expert on sensitive skin" are the reasons that came together on November 14 at Sofitel Hotel Ivoire, experts and the media.

Based on the assumption that more than one in three African women complains about sensitive skin, which sometimes causes irritation, redness and other itching, the cosmetic brand "Mixa" has never stopped giving its expertise in this direction. " Mixa continued to innovate and offer targeted solutions for sensitive skin in order to provide women and their families with effective skin-friendly products and textures that are pleasant to use every day (…) Miriam Koné, Director General of the Coast of L 'Oréal of Côte d'Ivoire and French West Africa, said at the table.

In the same vein, Matié Koné, the trademark manager, did not insist on the fact that the trademark ' Mixa & # 39; & # 39; it creates tailor-made solutions that are very effective for body care with the following principles of formulations very strict.

In the presence of several guests whose medical staff performed several presentations, the enthusiasm of the guests who traveled was impressive.



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