Video: Discovering Sokhna Fat Bintou Pouye, Ndindi's "First Lady"


GALSEN221 – "First Lady Ndindia", so called Sokhna Fat Bintou Pouye. She is Serigne Abdou Karim Mbacké's wife "Borom Makarimal Akhlaq". A woman who was very appropriate had to go to a postgraduate school before she started working in the Senegalese administration until she decided to leave everything in order to focus entirely on her household.

However, Sokhna Fat Bintou Pouye will not turn her back on people. On the contrary. It will continue to work in the social field by multiplying measures in this direction. In the end, he will get the nickname "Bohr DER" (General Delegation for Fast Entrepreneurship). A program that will help many women in setting up their projects.

In her firm will to contribute to the emergence of the country, the wife of the famous marabouta joined the president of the Republic Macky Sall, for whom the religious city Touba invested effortlessly.

He is also highly appreciated by the faithful Serigne Abdou Karim Mbacké, who praises his simplicity and the ability to welcome, always with a wide smile, many guests who are parading with Ndindi.


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