(Video): Adam Sene: "I Never Died Dip Doundou Guiss …"


Singer Adam Sène returned to her musical journey. In Spanish, he is a professor of music, a music lover. She was interrupted by Senego and returned to the four released footage: "Despacito", "Na sa Xel dal", "Beautiful mother", "Dama wara dosé". She says she took over the song "Despacito" because she surrendered little to her part of the teacher of this language before returning to another, she says she makes a statement about love, and the third is the collection of the "Belle Mère" series. In the interview, the singer returned to her last song, "Dama Wara Dosé", which is too similar to Dip "Noboma Wone" rapper, says she did not imitate him because at that moment the last one made her clip on youtube was he's in the studio for his. Look!

Here is his music video "Dama Wara Dosé".

And this repertoire of Dip Doundou Guiss: "Nobody Wone":

SECK Ndèye Mamy




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