Totally naked, singer Miley Cyrus enjoys the sun (photo)


Singer Miley Cyrus does not like messy clothes. Therefore, the singer, in order to greet the next spring, used the sun without the bottom.

It was known that in many circumstances she repeatedly showed her nudity, and Miley Cyrus was just completely naked. This time due to higher temperatures. However, bung made sure he hid his chest. The photo of the starlet, published on the instagram, has collected more than 2.8 million "likes" and tons of comments and praise.

"I do not know if you would be willing to jump if you did not lose Malibu. But time seemed good and I decided with my heart. No one can know what he will book tomorrow, so I'm trying to live at that moment. " he wrote in the title of the photo of the one who knows how to dedicate himself.

In December 2018 Miley Cyrus merged with Liam Hemsworth after continuing their idyll. For now, it seems that this is all about a young couple who had to make a big step after the Woolsey fire that destroyed the villa Malibu.


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