This millionaire is looking for a "personal helper" who will be paid for travel and stay for free in luxury hotels.


The 26-year-old millionaire in Sydney is looking for a personal assistant who will travel with him all over the world as he develops his e-commerce and professional coaching company.

Matthew Lepre spent last year in Japan, Dubai, Hawaii and his home town, Sydney, and enjoys the benefits. He is now looking for someone who will fill the "most beautiful work in the world" – he needs an assistant who will pay him $ 52,000 a year to help him. companies in the world.

This millionaire is looking for

FEMAIL said:

"Salary depends on the person's experience, but the basic fee is added to the travel and accommodation costs. Health insurance receipts are paid separately from me."

Matt is an e-commerce expert who earns $ 120,000 a month. He also works on projects that help him to help others create their own wealth. The team wants a new member who will ensure that his business will continue to operate during his trips, and will also help promote his newest companies.

This millionaire is looking for

He added that his new colleague could expect to travel to another country every two or three months, and that he would therefore need a valid passport for the following year. She also claims that the type of person who is perfect for work should not only love traveling, but also perform many other tasks.

This millionaire is looking for

"They must be computer experts, proven social media capabilities, organized, ready to learn, and ambitious."

"I'm looking for someone who would be involved in all my adventures. I like what I'm doing and I'm trying to explore new places."


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Matt, who runs four successful e-commerce, says that the person he really needs on his side must be someone who is willing to step out of his comfort zone. "You should be someone who works hard, but it's also fun and spontaneous."

This millionaire is looking for


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