"There is no dialogue with Macky Sall, nor necessity"


In the presidential election on February 24 he was third, but since then he did not speak. But Ousmane Sonko agreed to leave his silence, exclusively on "Jeune Afrique", to present his vision of a political future that suddenly opened in front of him.

Even if he claims that the generation that grew up with the Internet has denied those who have been named "candidate for Facebook". "I am one of those who were most present on the ground during the campaign," says 44-year-old Ousmane Sonko, who finished third in the presidential election in 2019 with 15.67%.

For his first candidacy, this former tax and domain inspector, written off by President Macky Sall, showed that he would have to decide now on the next election.

It is sufficient to refuse the call for dialogue initiated by the head of state, Macky Sall, on the day the proclamation of final results by the Constitutional Council.

Ousmane Sonko says that "there is no point or necessity for dialogue with Macky Sall".

His entire interview follows the "Jeune Afrique".


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