The United States eliminates the Mauritanian trade constraints on forced labor.


* The United States believes that Mauritania has not made enough efforts to put an end to forced labor, which can be cost-effective in North Africa. By January 1, according to US Trade Representative *

After the Annual Aptitude Review, US President Donald Trump said Mauritania was not in line with the requirements of the African growth and equal opportunities law (AGOA) According to theUSTR .

"Compulsory or compulsory work, such as eternal slavery, has no place XXIcentury, "said CJ Mahoney, US Trade Representative.
"We hope that Mauritania will work with us to eliminate forced labor and eternal slaveryAGOA should be restored in the future, "Mahoney said.

Mauritania was the second country after Niger ratified the 2014 Protocol to the 1930 Comprehensive Labor Convention.


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