Thursday , July 29 2021

The Icelandic techno band has promised to make a scandal if it is selected on Eurovision

Icelandic techno group Hatari intends to transform its performance into an anti-Israeli campaign if it is chosen to represent its country at Eurovision in Tel Aviv in May this year.

In an interview with the Icelandic side, musicians of the "anti-capitalist" group, very popular in their country, said they would "use the stage to protest against Israeli policies against the Palestinians."

They want to participate in Eurovision, although they believe that "Iceland's participation in a competition organized in a country that violates human rights" is absurd. The musicians signed a call to the Icelandic public for the boycott of the competition in Israel.

However, they understand that the chances of electing a scandalous team to participate in Eurovision are low because songs and political campaigns are banned during the competition.

Recently, Icelandic "techno-rebels" invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a duel with the traditional Scandinavian fight "Glimam". In an announcement published in the Icelandic network, the prime minister is due to present himself on May 19 on the Magen David Square in Tel Aviv (near Nachalat-Binyamin and Carmel Square).

As a reward for victory, Hatari wants to create a liberal "BDSM" (sado-masochistic) arrangement on the Mediterranean coast. If Netanyahu is defeated by Viking's descendants, he will receive the Westmannaeyar Islands Archipelago under political and economic control. "Relying on the attitude towards the Arabs in Israel, the Icelanders say they will be expelled from the islands already.


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