Tacko Fall pushing Zion Williamson!


On Sunday night, everyone was waiting for a game between UCF and Duke Tacko Fall, and even more so after playing the Knights games decree. The Senegalians kept the word and put Zion Williamson on a four-fold mythical game that Duke got on a wire (a full summary with a click here).

Tacko Fall announced : he would not let go Zion Williamson Dunker meets him between UCF and Duke for access to Sweet Sixteen. The Senegalians kept their promise and sent a message that they were confronted with the appearance of Blue Devils since the beginning of the game, while Zion tried to establish his power at a fall:

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Tacko Fall quickly faced the problem of errors, but in the second half of the year he returned to work, again in the picture again opposed Zion Williamson, of which in these sequences:

Unfortunately for Fall and his knights, Zion Williamson and Blue Devils were excellent in the second period, but eventually they won over the wire (77-76) after the last possession, which could have been Duke of March Madness prematurely.

The fall was excluded on this key basket of Zion Williamson, who was monstrous and finished with 32 points, 12 jumps and 4 sets:

Tacko Fall sees its March Madness finish but will reach the match of his footprint. Go to the draft for the Senegalese, without the shadow of doubt. For his part, Duke can hit a very hard …

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