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Support Khalifa Sall for Idrisso Seck in the foreground

Dakar, February 9 (APS) – Khalifa Sall's support for Idrisso Seck in the presidential election on February 24 and the removal of the former president in Toubo are key issues in the delivery of daily newspapers that they received on Saturday. APS.

Former Mayor Dakar Khalifa Sall, whose candidacy for the upcoming presidential election was declared invalid, after being sentenced to five years in prison for charges of tax fraud, announced her support for the coalition candidate "Idy2019" in a letter issued by senegalese media, Friday.

That statement was published a few hours after the Court of Justice of the European Communities of the West African States (ECOWAS) rejected the same complaint that had been declared by the former city on the same date "in agreement with the parties and organizations belonging to Taxaw Senegaal Ak Khalifa Ababacar Sall ", a coalition that supported his candidacy in the latest legislative elections," accepted the bid of the candidate Idris Seks ".

& # 39; & # 39; Khalifa Sall adouble Idy ", announces his search, which reads: & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; after the ECOWAS Court fired yesterday morning, the candidate of the Taxawu Senegal coalition Khalifa Ababacar Sall failed in the afternoon from his cell. "

"In a statement she published, Khalifa Sall was convinced that + Senegal was worthy of all victims + (…) That is why, in agreement with the parties and organizations, I decided that members of Taxaw Senegal would accept the offer of the Alliance of Candidates Idrissa Seck + & # 39; & # 39 ;, reports the officer.

With the support of Khalifa Sall for Rewmi candidate, "Idrissa Seck is on his way to wrest Dakar," says Walfadjri. "Idrissa Seck's candidate, with the support of the undisputed Dakar master, is almost in Dakar's pocket. In fact, Idrissa Seck, in addition to the votes + Khalifistes, can also count on the voters of Papa Diop and other failed candidates to support him," writes Walf.

The Quotidien Court also reflects this "confirmed alliance" between the candidate of the "Idy 2019" coalition and Taxaw Senegal and shows in its Una: "Idy, new + Khalifa +".

"Idrissa Seck is getting bigger," says Vox Populi. The candidate for the coalition Idy 2019 wins Khalifa Sall and Cheikh Bamba Dièye. The former Prime Minister is supported by about fifteen members of the C25 (a group that was eliminated in the presidential race), "the newspaper said.

Speaking about the "collection" of former Mayor Dakar to Idrisse Seck, the title of Le Quotidien: "Halifa Prefers Orange", hints at the colors of the leader of the candidate of the coalition "Idy 2019".

"That's why it's logical + marriage, because the president of the Legislative Council of Thies, Idrissa Seck, Malick Gackou, Mansour Sy Djamil, among other things, supported the legislative elections in 2017 when he handed over to him the list of Senegalese coalition Manko Taxaw, who third place for Benno Bokka Yaakaar (BBY) and the winning coalition Wattu Senegal, "writes Le Quotidien.

Newspapers also re-visit Mr. Abdoulaye Wade Toube after calling on his fans Thursday night to prevent presidential elections, incineration of voting cards and ballot papers.

In the Capital of Mouridism, "Wade withdraws," according to the Observateur, who reports: "I can not defend violence a fortiori call people to act in this way. I intend to lead a silent revolution.

The magazine also notes that after the massive bath provided by the Toube residents, President Abdoulaye Wade quickly went to the talks with General Khalifa of Mourides Serigne Mountaccio Bassiro Mbacké. A meeting (…) that enabled him to recognize Macky Sall's surpluses to the Mourides guide.

Vox Populi says that after "appealing to his followers to run, Wade pulled back Toubi". According to the query, & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Wade flip-flops & # 39;.

The sun illustrates some of the candidate's campaign statements. Thus, Macky Sall promises that "Tambacound will become a hub by rail," while Idrissa Seck wants to "give priority to citizens" in economic matters.

Madické Niang announces a "special program for the development of Vélinger". El Hadji Issa Sall wants to "keep the momentum of mobilization" while Ousmane Sonko claims: "Every official who has billions is a criminal."


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