Sheikh Bécaye Kounta is a new caliph


Sheikh Bécaye Kounta, 89, was the embassy new General Caliph Ndiassane (West), who replaced Sheikh Bouh Mohamed Kount, who died on Sunday, and the Senegalese news agency reported members of this marabout family on Monday.

Born in 1929, three months after the death of his father Bécaye, whose name he wears, Sheikh al-Bécaye conducted his studies of Koranič in Mauritania, as his father wanted, told Sidy Yahya Kount, a member of the family, of the journal.

His mother then sent him to Medina Baye (center), with Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, where he spent "At least 20 yearsto perfect his Islamic knowledge.

After returning from Medina Baya to his uhrony, Cheikh Bécaye lived in Thiès (West), according to Sidy Yahya Kount.

Sheikh Sidiya Kounta, the second member of the Kounta family, praised the features of the new caliph. "He is a good man, linked to related bonds and separate worldly things", he testified, revealing that the family had difficulty persuading him to come to Ndiassana to assume his new duties.

New Caliph "lived in the forehead of his forehead until he retired"he said he wanted him"Pronunciation"required"to distinguish right [du faux]"in fulfilling his new mission.

His predecessor, Sheikh Bouh Mohamed Kount, the founder of Ndiassan's founder, has been introduced since 2006 in Caliph at the age of 81. He died in Dakar after a disease.


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