Rising flour prices: Fnbs threatens to start a strike


We may be moving next week to 72 hours without bread. The National Senegalese Federation of Bakeries threatened to see a break in work if the government did not respond. When faced with the rising price of flour, bakers want to renegotiate the new price structure in order to "offer quality to the population, and in particular not to disappear".

The National Federation of Senegalese Bakeries (Fnbs) expresses its headache when the next week threatens to stop the production of bread for 72 hours. "We are tired and we can not continue with the current price structure," says Amadou Gaye, furious. President Fnbs, who calls for a review of prices, also requires a reference to the National Consumer Council, which will determine the real price of flour per gram. At the end of this meeting, bakeries want to offer new formats on the market, in particular a 250g bag with French 200 French French French French French carcasses.

Bageta 250 grams at 200 F Cfa
It should be noted that in June 2014 the government issued an order approving the prices and weight of bread. This decision led to the belief that the franchise price was reduced from 175 to 150 CFA francs. However, according to Amadou Gaye, there has never been a decline, as the weight of the franchise has declined from 210 to 190 g. "It was a big scam and a dictation that we reported at that time," she recalls. President Fnbs also describes this decision as "the worst in the history of the Senegalese bakery". It adds that this price structure is now "obsolete". Because, he continues, "the millers have twice increased the price of a bag of flour, which has changed from 16 thousand to 200 thousand francs CFA". Amadou Gaye believes that in the certification system, if prices are moving, a price revision should be introduced, especially since the price structure did not take into account "fixed costs, such as packaging and unsold". .
So many arguments that interfere with baking. They are asking the new Minister for Trade. They want measures to clean up their sector, including a ministerial decree on the abolition of intermediaries, and another regulation setting a sales commission of 10% in line with the official bread structure, as well as the institutionalization of the regional committee. bakery. Amadou Gaye states that these claims are not new. "We just ask to use the findings of the Assizes bakery that the state, millers, consumers and we organized in December 2017," recalls.
Fnbsi initially attended the delegation of the Cephalic Federation of Bakers. The latter are on a working visit to Dakar. They say they are experiencing the same suffering. The head of the delegation called on the rulers to listen carefully to the screams of the heart of the bakery. In his view, the bakery is a "sector that employs many young people and participates in the development of West African countries".
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