Thursday , August 5 2021

PSG – PSG: There are no serious injuries to Cavani, but …

Those who doubted are now convinced that Paris Saint-Germain is cursed as the approach of the major Champions League meetings. In addition to Neymar, Edinson Cavani stepped up on Saturday against Bordeaux with his injured leg, while El Matador was injured by shooting and reshaping the penalty, which gave PSG a victory. The fate of the fate is absolutely incredible, but this can take away the best shooter of Paris SG travel the next Tuesday to Old Trafford in order to challenge Manchester United. While PSG will leave from Monday to the north of England, doubts remain very serious about Edison Cavani's presence, although the news is not dramatic.

True, according to RMC, injury to the player is not very serious. " It is known that Edinson Cavani hit the right thigh, medical staff suspected that there was a contracture when he shot against Bordeaux just before the half. On Saturday evening, an Uruguayan person carried out additional medical examinations at the hospital with a member of the medical team of Paris Saint-Germain. Inside, we suffer minor injuries, but the problem is that the match against Manchester United will arrive on Tuesday, it is complicated to be fully considered. "He said a journalist who has problems Edinson Cavani playing this important meeting." Unless you take the unhappy risk of damaging El Matador.

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