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PSG – PSG: Griezmann in Paris and not Barcelona, ​​believes Fred Hermel!


PSG: Griezmann in Paris and not in Barca, believes Fred Hermel!

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Spanish soccer specialist for RMC and L & # 39; Equipe, Frederic Hermel, talked about the position of Antoine Griezmann on Wednesday after the French striker announced his departure from Atlético Madrid at the end of the season. And if in Spain many are convinced that Antoine Griezmann already agreed with FC Barcelona, ​​this is not at all the opinion of Frederick Hermel. And the latter entrusted the reasons that encourage him to be cautious about this trust, Barcelona, ​​and at the same time acknowledges that Paris Saint-Germain is likely to be in this file.

Because it is not the first time that the name Antoine Griezmann is mentioned in the PSG. " I really like Antoine. He's great. Simply put it. I'm cautious. Griezmann's truth is not Wednesday on Tuesday. The family does not necessarily have the same vision of Griezmann's future and career. On April 6, the match was at the top of the League between FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. Griezmann was on booed, whistling and offensive at the stadium. We must not forget that Barça is a club that belongs to its "socios", its supporters. And that the president must listen to his voters. For now, voters do not want Griezmann. Six months before the transfer of Griezmann from Real Sociedad to Atlético Madrid, the transfer window in January, Griezmann was on the verge of signing the PSG. It's an old story. Griezmann was always followed by the PSG Frédéric Hermel mentioned this issue, which is the first hot moment of the transmission window 2019.

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