Saturday , September 18 2021

Netflix has unveiled an addiction trailer for a new miniseries, Clickbait

Who is (really) Nick Brewer? This Tuesday, July 20, Netflix unveiled the trailer for its new mini-series, Clickbait, which has been running since August on the streaming platform. An eight-episode thriller that focuses on the character of Nick Brewer, played by Adrian Grenier (Escort,, Devil Wears Prada), which seems to be going well. But if he has a loving wife, two sons, and a wonderful home, his life is exhausted when he suddenly disappears without a trace. Until one day he found himself online in an unusual video that was severely beaten and had a caption that read, “I am abusing women. I’m dying at 5 million views. «. Threat or lie?

When the number of views of the spooky video increases rapidly and panic grips those close to Nick Brewer, his sister and his wife need to explore this. During the analysis of virtual identity and the danger of social networks, Clickbait in any case, it promises addiction. See you on August 25 on Netflix for binge-watcher without moderation.

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