Ndiassane-Macky Sall: "Pressures from where they come from, leave me unreturned"


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According to Tivauan, Macky Sall, head of state, went to Ndiassane as a prelude to Gamou Ahlou Kountiyou's community to present his "zeal" to the Californian Shakeshi Bécaye Al Bécaye Kount. On this occasion, before the proclamation concerning the agitation of his opponents, Mama Bouh Kount's residence began to make it impossible to press on his person.



President Macky Sall went to Ndiassana after Tivauan yesterday, where he met with the Caliphas General Tidianesi. But the town of Sheikh Bouh Kounta will be particularly marked by the opening of a dwelling called the late Khalifa. The jewel that the new Khalife says can not maintain, let alone the mayor of their place. He asked the government to support the preservation of this completely new residence at a cost of 1.2 billion FCFA. Relying on his intention to accompany religious homes, President Macky will warn that he can not be pressured, especially because he often listens to some community protests to say that he has achieved such infrastructure in such a place, why not them, the Observer reports. He demanded prayers for a second term in order to fulfill his ambition to modernize religious places.

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