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Rio de Janeiro (AFP)

Fifteen women who are angry on the stage and are not seen by man, Ariane Mnouchkine in Riu represents the Portuguese version of the Quebec show "Les Belles-sœurs", which moved for the first time from the Théâtre du Soleil, which she founded.

This first prey in Brazil is also an opportunity for the theater director in an interview with AFP to ensure that the situation is "extremely worrying" artists at the time of Bolsonarista.

After two appearances at the Curitiba Festival (South), the premiere of "As comadres" (Les Marraines music) was held on Thursday in Riyadh, which was very hijacked, in front of the audience, which was most funny.

In the kitchen of the '60s, women aged 22 to 87 gather to paste stamps. A gynecologist, where the wardrobe of the witch, where he laughs, dances, sings, complains, jealously and gives in.

"These are women who express their frustrations in their poems, their disasters, but in fact we see them throughout the room and we do not suffer from a certain voluntary service," says Ariane Mnouchkine. The one who succeeded to emancipate is rejected.

Michel Tremblay, who wrote the work in 1965, from which the musical performance of another Quebecker, René Richard Cyra, was written, "is very difficult with regard to their small size, their fanaticism, their bitterness, egoism."

But, "if only because it gives the visibility of 15 actors, it is revolutionary. Usually we see 15 men and two women," says Ariane Mnouchkine. There are even 20, with the "Antique Assembly".

"This is what is strong to see the collective power of the entire type of women of all ages."

– "contempt for artists" –

Some saw the "call for resistance" in the game, which will be played until May 19 in Rio. "I do not allow myself to give the manual, but if people get it the better," says Ariane Mnouchkine.

"I think of the impact that this exhibition can have in Brazil today, but it is for people who see it to express it, we have to play the show."

"We took over the performance of René Richard Cyra, it's really his performance, I saw this show in Paris and I thought it was exceptional, extremely moving and funny."

"By whether you think whether it touches or triggers questions, I hope it is, but I did not say what people should think about."

Ariane Mnouchkine, who was missing from the questions about the position of artists in Brazil since she was elected by the ultra-right president, does not hide her worries.

"I will not compare the fate of artists with Indian Brazilians" (who have just published a tribune reminiscent of the "beginning of the apocalypse" on the 100 days of Jair Bolsonaro's mandate), "artists are in an extremely worrying situation and artists from all over the world should be warned."

"There were not many resources, but there's obviously … contempt for artists," he adds. "There are lies (o) how artists live" about their financing. "That's serious."

Artistic circles in Brazil complain of a reduction in government subsidies that have been crushed by the Ministry of Culture and launched a crusade against "Marxism" in culture.

"I know a small part of Brazilian art and I see their anxiety, my grief. It's rare in Brazil to show grief. Here's the dignity of joy," adds Ariane Mnouchkine.

– "Maybe in France" –

For "As comadres" for the first time, and at 80, putting on a show "from A to Z with players other than Théâtre du Soleil", the company that he founded in 1964.

But this is also the first time that Théâtre du Soleil has performed with another director (Canadian) Robert Lepage, "she wrote. "It gave me a little time and I could do it without issuing a theater of the sun."

"I hope the game will play everywhere in Brazil, Latin America, Portugal and perhaps in France," he says.


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