Michael Jackson: his relatives are responsible for accusations in another documentary


Entourage of King of pop will be played forward TF1 a documentary about the life of a star. This documentary is a set of testimonies about Michael Jackson, a story of his family, family, and employees. Submission of this documentary film is the right to reply, "Departing from Neverland", a polemic documentary that revives accusations of pedophilia against the star and has been broadcast TF1 last Thursday. Depart from Neverland gives the word to two people who were close to a star at a certain moment, James Safechuck in Wade Robson. They hardly saved a star in their various accusations.

"Reverse" Depart from Neverland.

Testimonies about James Safechuck in Wade Robson accusations of pedophilia that come down regularly towards the star come to support. In response to these testimonies, artistic relatives wanted to publish other testimonies of people who were closer to them Michael Jackson. The producer of this documentary wants to give another version of the star's life, "a story she never said." These statements are supposed to be "opposite" from Depart from Neverland. We will have the right to hear his dead father in 2018, the testimonies of the brothers, Debbie Rowe his wife, his employees, his various producers and managers. We will also see how the singer was manipulated by those who today are his defamers.


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