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Mareme Faye Sall, a woman without protocol, is easily accessible


Since Senegal has come to his international sovereignty, the first ladies have succeeded in the palace of the republic. Paulette, Elisabeth, Viviane and Marième Faye. They were all very special women with different abilities and different behaviors.
Access to the first lady is often not easy, as it is the most important personality of the Presidency. In Senegal, only Marième Faye Sall distinguished himself with the openness and proximity of the people.

In addition, her simplicity forced some women to be baptized, Madame "Diongué" from the palace, for for a long time Senegal had no first lady worthy of this name. The first lady is black, true Senegal in the true sense of the word. This opportunity gave President Salla another woman a special dimension.

Therefore, you do not need a lot of protocols to access it. Simply, very friendly, Marième Faye receives Senegalese from every country and diaspora every day to work as always in society.

However, a number of issues arise. Some senegalese sometimes abused him to enjoy his kindness. And yet, the sweet half of Macky Salla has always sensitized the Senegalas about the "simple belief" of some people about the current life of the palace.

Nevertheless, this lady remains in the care of the whole generation for the future of the country. A good example of citizenship, which strengthens the bonds of secular relations.


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