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Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is ready for this

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, built his fortune through Amazon that he made from the great empire. Certainly, from him, decisively, he becomes extremely strong, he is also ready to give him a shot when he is attacked.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, 55, is also the owner of Washington Post, in January, when he publicly announced the divorce with his wife, MacKenzie, who was married 25 years ago.

A few weeks later, the multi-billionaire finds itself at the heart of a serious scandal based on conspiracy, extortion, mistress and naughty photography, all in opposition to US President Donald Trump.

The threatened, in his opinion, extortion into the naked photo of the National Enquirer, the tabloid of the neighboring president, did not hesitate to counter-attack by publicly revealing the case, even extending his privacy to the public and throwing into the crisp details of the photographs that the newspaper was threatening to publish.

"Instead of being inclined to extortion and extortion, I decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the fact that it personally cost me and the disgrace it could cause, was launched by Jeff Bezos, in a text stained with a devastating irony that has the impact of a media bomb in the US.

A bet that could be very smart in terms of public relations and at least sent a clear message: we are not looking for problems with Jeff Bezos.

– Determination –

Known for its horrible laughter, which often portray a simple person, although his wealth is estimated at $ 130 billion, Jeff Bezos and frankly reveals what made Amazon one of the most popular. big companies in the world: strong character and safe determination.

A simple online bookstore initially, with long-lasting financial assets, has now become a giant that is important for home e-commerce, cloud computing or intelligent voice assistants.

Bezosa method? Investing in all directions and disturbing the economic sectors by lowering prices to the extent that they would be called the "main". In the summer of 2017, he redeemed the American supermarket chain Whole Foods at all the surprise. The operation was completed within a few weeks.

The successes, which are also worthy of the Yugoslavian games in Seattle, are often regarded as a waterspalt without the competition and working conditions of its employees.

He said he was tied to "great journalism", he bought the Washington Post in 2013 and always ensured that the famous newspaper would leave all editorial independence.

It is also the fact of ownership of this magazine, which has largely contributed to hostilities, which regularly testify about President Donald Trump, who often calls the newspaper "fake news".

Trump also regularly accuses Amazon of destroying American mail by exploiting low prices for routing parcels.

Even before the billionaire came to the White House, Jeff Bezos mocked him and suggested that Twitter "reserve" space in the rocket.

– "Save the Earth" –

Jeff Bezos, a great fan of science fiction, is also known for his sometimes explosive passions: he built a monumental 150-meter clock, which would last 10,000 years and symbolized "long-term thinking."

It also finances the Blue Spring that wants to send tourists to space and is seeking to build a ship and a lunar lander that could provide freight delivery and housing modules on the Moon.

The project, explains Mr. Bezos, who is supposed to "save the Earth" by sending the industry to space.

"In fact, what I'm doing is to take what Amazon brings and invest in" in Blue Origin, he explained at the end of 2016.

His real name, Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, was adopted by his father, Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant.

After studying in Florida and then at the prestigious Princeton University, he worked for several years on Wall Street before deciding for his own company that was impressed by the Internet.

He married MacKenzie Tuttle in 1993. All lived with Jeff Bezos, from the first research trip to Seattle in 1994 to the Empire, which is today Amazon. The Bezos have four children.


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