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Invasion of Playmobil for the opening of the Annecy Festival!

Playmobil revives … Animated feature film directed by Lina DiSalva, produced by Aton Soumache (ON kids & family), will be presented at Annecy at the ceremony. opening, Monday, June 10 … The event that will start the week of the celebrations of the animated film! Playmobil: film, the first feature film inspired by the famous figure will be released in France on August 7, 2019 (Distribution Pathé).

Presented on the ongoing work on the festival's 2018 edition, Playmobil: film directed by Lina DiSalva, who worked for 17 years in Disney. This creator is especially known for his role as director of animation for the Oscars film: Snow Queen … The film was produced by ON Animation Studios (Montreal), a subsidiary of ON kids & family, based in Paris, directed by Aton Soumache, who created a successful feature film. Little Prince. Remi Salmon is the production director and Pascal Bertrand is the leader of special effects.

The adventure that has evolved around the Playmobil universe …

The film tells the story of Charlie, who disappears in the magical and animated universe PLAYMOBILA and his sister Marley, who is looking for him … By joining this fantastic adventure, Marla will cross several universes and mingle with unusual friends, including Del, a speaker driver for food trucks; Rex Dasher, a stunning and charismatic secret agent; marginal, and honest robot; extravagant villa …

During her adventure, Marla and Charlie will understand that no matter what life she has, we can do everything we believe in ourselves … "Our main goal is to respect the Playmobil DNA and to stay faithful to the players," emphasizes Julien Locabelle, animation director , which continues "One of the big challenges was to move these rigid characters without creating the impression that people are concealing, but many of Playmobil's characters."

"For months, we have been graphically transforming Playmobil, respecting the essence of the toy, but at the end we slightly reduced the size of the hands, closed our head and chose to wrap our elbows and knees. pupils in the eye to add a spark of life, while the appearance of the real Playmobil was initially marked by the triangle "details" by Pascal Bertrand.

"We also decided to put a look and a mouth on our 3D characters in 2D," says Rémi Salmon, who then emphasizes: "We also wanted to overwrite children's eyes with images without too much depth of field, with an emphasis on perspective and a lot of detail others add texture to the clothes … We-we are allowed this difference, because in the universe of children there is a complement of the soul of imagination! "

A film with a budget of more than 100 million euros was created by a team of 200 employees at the ON Animation Studio based in Montreal.

World Premiere Performance on Monday, June 10 at 20:30, Bonlieu Grande Salle, at the opening ceremony – On invitation

In the presence of producers and director Lino DiSalvo

Lino DiSalvo, an animator in the soul …

Lino DiSalvo is an American director and writer. After graduating from the Vancouver Film School, he completed his dreams and became one of the youngest animators to join Disney's favorite animation studio.

DiSalvo spent almost 17 years in Disney Animation Studios, where he was responsible for animation Snow Queen, which made $ 1.2 billion in the global box office and won an Academy Award for Best Feature Film. He also participated in other prestigious projects: animation controller at Rapunzel and Bolt, the animator at Welcome to Robinsons, Chicken Little, 102 Dalmatians in the kingdom of fire.

DiSalvo worked as a creative director at Paramount Animation Studios before joining ON Animation Studios (film producer) Little Prince in 2016), based in Paris, as a creative director. Playmobil: Film, presents his first film. Based on the story, the original feature film will be released on 7 August 2019 in France.

The director is currently developing his second animated feature film, Badalisc, inspired by Italian folklore and heavily anchored in its cultural heritage.

To learn more about the course of the film, take a look at our interview with Olivier Rakot, Director of Studio On Animation …

On May 2nd, Olivier Rakoto will introduce the Playmobil VR production!

Annecy Festival from 10 to 15 June 2019

Mifa from 11 to 14 June 2019

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