Interruption of Airtel's services to Gabon: the operator promises to reimburse its subscribers


From Thursday, the Gabon mobile subscribers see Redtel. After a technical incident involving the fiber optic link in Libreville, the customers of another mobile operator in Gabon literally interrupted Internet access when others had major problems in dialing. A situation that quickly responded to a company that, after apology, promised to repay its affected customers.

It's hard to be a user of Airtel Gabon and track his last days online. A serious incident occurred on Thursday, in fact, it caused the operator's interruption to the slogan "smartphone network". All services provided by the operator, including national and international telephone communications, SMS, electronic money services and, of course, Internet browsing were included.

According to the statement of the operator, which is from the day of the facts, this big failure is due to the " an optical cable cable during paving, carried out by a public works firm in Angondjé North of Libreville. After yesterday's official return to normal, Airtel Gabon said that Packages and other unused bonuses will be refunded "No more!

I am not convinced that it brings confidence between subscribers and a mobile operator, a subsidiary of the Indian giant Bharti Airtel. On the web, several disgruntled users provoked their anger over problems that arose and demanded more from their operator.


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