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How Facebook shared your data with friendly businesses … (and not with others)

Facebook issues continue. A NBC survey, based on 4,000 pages of documents, shows how the company shared information about its users only with some companies, not with others. Some Facebook users were simply not allowed because their business was sometimes too close to the social network.

These e-mails, chats, presentations or summaries of meetings were prepared in particular on the basis of a complaint lodged by Six4Three against Facebook in 2015. This app has made it possible to search photos of people in bikinis on the social network. But this company had to end its activities when Facebook in 2014 reduced access to user data and thus affected its business.

Large privileged groups

At the same time, Facebook continues to share this kind of information with other companies, often large US groups. These privileged partners have been preserved for a simple report of friendship or sympathy among their leaders. So Amazon, Sony, Microsoft or Tinder can still work with personal data of millions of Facebook users without worrying.

In addition to the very disrespectful aspect of ethics, it has also caused internal problems. Landing, because the group, founders of WhatsApp (Encrypted Email) and Instagram did not like it in this way approved by Mark Zuckerberg.

Another thorn in the foot of the Facebook

From the revelation of the Cambridge Analytica case, Facebook has been shaken. Since then, there is no new information about the exchange of user information with third-party companies rarely a week, which Facebook still denies.

These could be used for various purposes, such as in Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The candidate team could use it for more people than others.


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