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Hidden Holiday Points for Stars


If for you holidays diving in culture, gastronomy and luxurious hospitality, you will find your luck in this trip in three destinations that can be impressed in the same accommodation.

Step 1: In Malta, where Angelina Jolie celebrated her birthday

This European island, 2h45 from Paris, both oriental and primarily Mediterranean, is a major cultural step. We put our bags in the palace Relais & Châteaux Xara, a palace from the 17th century, to discover places full of history. And history, you are right, because your foot on the ground is nestled in the heart of the fortified city of Mdina. We can not do more confidential and exclusive. That's why Prince Charles and Camilla turned her into a resort, and Angelina Jolie privatized the hotel to celebrate her birthday. From the entrance, the freshness of this historic building comfort. We are only 300 km away from the coast of Libya and Tunisia, and the heat is large. 40 ° C! A theme that is contrary to the strong light of the street makes you calm. She feels well in this antique furniture and stone walls, she witnesses rich history. We lead you to one of the 17 rooms spread out on the terrace of this warm and mysterious boutique hotel, and take care of a comfortable and baroque apartment with a beautiful view of the island of Malta.

Guided tour of the city of Valletta

Katedralo sv. Janez, who is on the list of 55 other UNESCO World Heritage sites, was built by the Maltese knights. It is worth the detour itself, because its facade is all military rigidity, which is contrary to the inner splendor of the magnificent Baroque, and the sidewalk consisting of the tombstones of the Knights of the Order. You can admire the two Caravaggio paintings that never left their original location, including the largest painting work, while in exile in Malta: the stamping of St. John the Baptist. History is a lot everywhere in these places.

The city is full of architectural treasures and fortifications. From the blue sky and the sea, a stunning view of the port of Valletta stands out, the naval base of the Maltese knights, and the unusual visit to the countryside on the streets of the limestone city. For bees that make honey for the great in the world. We have to do the immortal combinations, worthy of astronauts, to get as close as possible to the hive and observe the long process of making this nectar. It's a little bit frustrating to use it (by 40 ° C!) And that the insects that defend themselves against this intrusion attack us. At the end of this adventure you will be rewarded with a tasting honey that the President of the Republic of Malta offers to all his colleagues. Emmanuel Macron has already received this gift just to find him. The art of entertainment is not an empty word in the Xara Palace, as this rich day will end with a gourmet dinner at the De Mondion Restaurant, a house restaurant that is one of the finest in the city that serves fine cuisine. Mediterranean with products from the nearest teroir and fish from local fisheries.

The apartment is located in fortifications with a panoramic view of 349 euros.

Step 2: By the degrees of the cheetah in Sicily

You can not arrive in Sicily without Raguze Ibla, one of the most beautiful places on the island. From Malta, ferries are connected twice a day. First leaves Valletta port at 6:30 and mooring in Pozzall 1:15 later. Just 1 hour's drive and reach this place, which is almost carved in the mountains. In the seventeenth century, we dived for diving through this baroque grain, where the family of Arezzo lived, who inspired the novel Cheetah for Tomasi Di Lampedus. Visconti met in the palace in Ibiza, refusing to capture the picture, and in the end, they realized the most beautiful scenes of their film at the Palazzo Gangi in Palermo.

Your taste will be Relais & Châteaux Locanda Don Serafino, a boutique hotel located in a maze of streets in the historic city. It's even partially dug into the cliff. This mineral architecture and simple decoration give charm and unparalleled freshness. But beware: avoiding the heels going up and down the stairs …

The town of Ragusa is located on a cliff 550 meters and was renovated in two parts after the earthquake of 1693. From stairs to stairs, churches to churches, palaces to palaces, through streets and squares. This is a real pleasure for lovers of old stones and baroque façades, which are outrageously arranged.

You will not regret that you have come to lunch, for a holiday that will be the sea. The La Rosa family, owned by your hotel, also has a beach club, 25 km away, located on the most famous coast of Sicily. Patriarch Serafino was the first to create a beach with a very good table in 1953, with his feet in the sand. From now on, they are descendants, his sons working under the mother (80 spring). Dining and cabins kept the old-fashioned charm of the 50's, but this place you need to see has evolved with time to become a trendy city. The place is elegant and relaxed, Mediterranean cuisine, fresh, facing sea food and homemade. Taste the signature of the dishes: black pasta, ricotta and sea urchin, completely nailed. You'll just come back for it. This is a small, but tasty view of the village waiting for you in the evening, in the gourmet restaurant Locanda Don Serafino, which occupies an old house, partly surrounded by a rocky wall of the mountain. Her chef Vincenzo Candiano, who never left his island and had no other influences other than those he created himself, sublimed Sicilian cuisine until there were 2 Michelin stars using local and seasonal products. This restaurant, which is one of the cliffs, is a rare jewel, so warm, raw and modern.

Visit the beautiful cellar with 9000 bottles and 1700 references.

Price: tasty menu for 6 sessions: 120 euros, 9 courses: 155 euros

Rooms: from 146 to 585 euros for a luxury apartment with jacuzzi and a bathtub from stone.

Phase 3: Saline on the Aeolian Islands

As you descend to Salina, the green and large island archipelago, whose landscapes are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, discover 7 volcanoes that originated from the Blue Tyrolean seas. Your observation point at this Telurst spectacle will be Relais & Châteaux Capofaro Locanda and Malvesia, a wine cellar of 8 years old, from the Tasca family D 'Almerita. It produces a typical island Malvesia wine. All family history is in this region. It is in the heart of the 4.5 hectares vineyard, surrounded by a bougainville fuksy, which has 27 rooms, a whitewashed, and a wonderful freshwater pool. A real postcard of postcards. Terraces, 180 ° view of the Aeolian islands and the sea … Beautiful. The apartment, located near the lighthouse, which the owners acquired in 2017, offers an incredible spectacle on Stromboli and its grinding (it seems every 20 minutes). In the rooms there is a natural freshness that stems from a minimalist and impersonal decoration. Here is the value and quality of the environment of constant concern. You could even say it's in the island's DNA. In particular, there is a need for ecological responsibility and self-sufficiency; This is evidenced by containers for selective sorting in the premises and the quality of the products used. Not the smallest plastic on the horizon. We work in a natural and credible, and this is not fashion. The hotel has a sewage treatment plant and soon there will be a desalination plant that will be autonomous from the continent for obvious reasons of carbon footprint.

Here, we produce wine, wheat for bread and 70% of herbs and herbs, which will be made by a charming chef Ludovico De Vivo, who does not offer you flowers, but makes you eat them while they show you their garden. . He seeks the perfect combination of wines and dishes, as each dish completely blends with the property leaflet. Let's not forget the olive oil, which is also domestic production. Simple salad from tomatoes and ricotta puts you in an almost ecstatic state.

Good, beautiful, healthy, responsible, perfect equation.

Rooms from 260 euros

Junior suite 450 euros

The apartment is located in a lighthouse in the size of 70 m2 from 580 euros

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