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Grand Prix de France (Gr.I): Grand Prix

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Grand Prix de France (Gr.I): Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of France 2019 was rightly regarded as the revenge of the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I), although the promised small number of beginners (11) is promisingly interesting. The main favorites, including Jean-Michel Bazire, Bélina Josselyn, have won good numbers for the avtostartom. All ingredients seem together to live a great moment of sport!

The recent winner of the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I), in the end
a great end to the race, protected from the inevitable Jean-Michel
Bazire, Bélina Josselyn (1 – J.-M.
, Sunday on the ash of Vincennes
along the Grand Prix de France, Group I controversially over 2100 meters. t
big track, going to the highway. Test for which the champion is
address. If she gets the trap number (1) for the car, she'll be a girl
for I love you has assets
keep the crown and walk in degrees Moni Maker, the winner of this event in 1999, two weeks after that
at the World Cup Trophy. Main coach
also count It looks great
(10- A. Abrivard)
, an incredible second in the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I), and Davidson Bridge (9- F. Ouvrie)Who?
eventually becoming one of the best riders in the world. absent
last year, Readly Express (5th B. Goop),
who have performed exceptionally in the Grand Prix of America (Gr.I),
you can also end up on the upper step of the step, just like a crack Bold Eagle (6- Nivard), winner
this same event in 2017 and another last year. Third Grand Prix
Burgundy (Gr.II) on the road that interests us, Uza Josselyn (2nd Gelormini) is far from what it does not work for
in the first places, as his coach René Aebischer explains: "We can not dream of a better number.
Mare is additional to Prix d 'Amérique. It's got an accessory
which is already at a wonderful level at 2,700 meters at the highest level. Everything is
well present. "
The winner of the 5th Annual European Championship (Gr.I),
Last autumn in Vincennes, Dijon (7-
r. Derieux)
, which has a very nice basic speed, is a spoiler
on power, especially since this will be a déferré opportunity for four legs. his
Roman mentor Derieux adds: "V
We had to make a little effort at the bottom of the Luxembourg prize
with this number 7 on the automatic startup. Maybe it costs us another
but two good horses are beaten. We will try to get in and finish
on Sunday at the Prix de France. I think it is
needed a race in Luxembourg and should have risen
Mr. "
Dealers (3- Y.
, that it is important not to condemn his failure in the EU
The Grand Prix for America (Gr.I) is not without a job for access. v
on the other hand, the task is more sensitive to Valko Jenilat (4- F. Lagadeuc), Billie de Montfort (8 E. Raffin), and Hard times (11- M.T. Gundersen), which seems to be too busy
a powerful part.

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