French Tech is looking for the right formula


"Scaler", yes, but how and why? This is the issue that the French innovation ecosystem is facing in 2019. It is a priority for the government to increase the number of start-ups, that is, their ability to collect tens of millions of dollars. Euros to become international and become world leaders in their field, even one-armed, such as BlaBlaCar, Deezer, OVH,, and finally Doctolib. Successful this pivot from the start of the state to a to increase the nation, while encouraging entrepreneurs to "Technique for good"this means that innovation with a positive impact on society has become the main goal of the French technology mission, transformed one year ago by State Secretary for Digital Technology Mounir Mahjoubi.

however "Do not hide your face"said a member of the ministerial cabinet in Bercy. "In artificial intelligence, for example, France and even Europe will collect the crumbs of the United States and China," It foresees it.

Despite the great ambitions, it's hard to compete with $ 3 billion a year that the United States pays to its Federal Innovation Agency, Darpy or …


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